Tiger T8 High Class Receiver New Software V3.44 Sony Network Ok

By | June 19, 2019

Tiger T8 high Class Receiver New Software 

Tiger T8 High Class Receiver New Software V3.44 Ten Sports and Sony Network Ok Working on this Software

 this is new software for tiger Receiver All Satellite Ok Working on this software

This software is Tiger T8 high Class Receiver V3.44 Sony Network and Ten Sports ok Working 

Step by Step Software Upgrade 
Click the Download Link and Download This Software 
Software Copy On Memory Card And USB 
Memory Cart and USB In USB Port On Your Recevier 
You Can Go To Upgrading Menu 
Select USB Upgrade and Select User USB / Memory 
You Can Fine Software On USB/Memory Card On Your Recevier 
And Click The Upgrade 
You Software Automatically Upgrad 1% To 100% (Not receiver Not Switching Off Between Software Upgrading 
After software Upgradeing You Can 
You Receiver Automatic Restart 
You Can USB/Memory Out of Recevier USB Port
Your Software Upgrad Successfuly  Thanks 

Download link

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