1506F, New Software Sony Network Ok

By | June 19, 2019

1506F, New Software Sony Network Ok

Hello Friends today I have sharing with you 1506F 1506T New software For Sony NetWork ok working on this Software

Step by Step Settings
1 – You Can Download This Software
2 – You Can This Software Copy in USB/MemroyCard
3 – You Can On The Receiver
4 – In Put On The Receiver USB port
5 – You Can GoTo Receiver Menu And Select USB Upgrade
6 – Click The USB Upgrade and Select The Your USB/Memorycard
7 – You Can Find This Software On Your USB Memorycard And Click The Software
8 – Software is Upgrading 1% To 100% You Have Still Waiting
9 – Receivers Automatically Restart And You Can Select Channels Off Sony Network and Still wait Of 5-30Second
10 – Your all Sony Network Channels Working Now Enjoying Thanks

By Allurdu

Download link

Hello Friends today I am sharing with you All Receviers Price in Pakistan
Hello Friends my name is Umed Ali from ALL URDU
Dosto aaj me apko Jo k Pakistan me Receivers ziada tar Chalte Hain un ki prices btao GA
Sub Se phele me apko wo Receivers btata challo Jo k Pakistan me ziada tar use hote Hain
1 – MPG2 Box Simple Recever
2 – HD Box
3 – full HD Box Ali3510 & ETC
4 – Protocol 3 Signal Pti Receivers
5 – Sim Receivers 1506g 1507g ETC
6 – Tiger Receivers
7 – Starsat Receivers
Wese to Pakistan me buhat se Receviers use Hoti Hain lekin Jo Kuch box ziada use Hoti Hain aaj Mene Kuch Box. Btai Hain
To ab bat karte Hain Prices ki
1 Mpg2 Simple box 800+
2 HD Box 1100+
3 Full HD box Ali3510c 1400+
4 Protocol 3 Signal Pti Receivers
5 Sim Receivers 1506g 1507g Etc 2500+
6 Tiger Receivers All Models 6500+ se 14000 tak
7 Starsat Receivers All Models 6000 se 12000 tak
Agar best Recevier ki BAAT Karenge to Tiger Receivers and Starsat Receivers best Hain agar aap koi Acha Sa Receivers Lena chahty Hain to me apko Yehi Recommend karonga k aap tiger Recevier ya to fr Starsat Receivers le Len ku k me khud Tiger Receivers use Kar Raha hoon
Agar aap tiger me normal Recevier Lena chahty Hain to Tiger T8 High Class
Ya To fr tiger t8 High Class V2 le lein
Agar aap Starsat Receivers me Lena chahte Hain to Starsat HD 2000 Hyper lain ye normal Recevier Hain as Receivers ki price bhi km hai
Ye Jo rate Mene btai Hain ye normal rates Hain baqi Mukhtilaf Cityes me Mukhtilaf Rates Hain 
To dosto Umed karta hon aaj ki Jo Mene apko information share ki wo apko Passand Zaror aai hogi By Umed Ali 
Thanks for Reading by Umed Ali and All Urdu 

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